Sponsorship Opportunity

Xcite AthleticS Mission.
Xcite AthleticS Basketball Academy is devoted to teaching athletes of all ages the fundamentals of the game and the secrets to the mentality of an athlete. They will learn to push their limits, giving them the tools to succeed on and off the court. Sport and play are crucial aspects of every child’s life and can improve the livelihood of children. Sports provide youth an opportunity to acquire post-secondary education, method of stress release, be physically active and to develop confidence.

How can you contribute?
We would gratefully appreciate if you, your family, business or organization could support underprivileged youth who wouldn't otherwise have the means to participate in organized sports. Xcite AthleticS Youth Advertising Sponsorship Packages gives you the opportunity to help these youth learn the fundamentals through our training programs. Furthermore, the youth may develop their skills to participate in basketball tournaments across the country.

Your donations will go towards individual youth and traveling teams that do not have the financial support for fundamental training and basketball tournaments. Even more rewarding, you will have the satisfaction knowing you are helping youth develop confidence, a blue collar work ethic, be physically active and enjoying the game of basketball.

Your sponsorship and contributions helps immensely. Thank you for your support in advance.

Xcite Management

Youth Advertising Sponsorship Packages

$500 Bronze Package

Gym Bag
Certificate of Support

$1200 Gold Package

2 T-shirts
2 Gym Bags
2 Track Pants
Certificate of Support
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$5000 Platinum Package

3 T-shirts
3 Gym Bags
3 Track Pants
3 Hoodies
Certificate of Support
ads on our website.
4x2' Banner in our facility
*Industry Exclusive

Each T-shirt in your Gold or Platinumpackage will have your company logo printed on the sleeve.