Frequently Asked Questions

Training FAQs

What is the intended age for The Academy?
The Academy is for players of any age or skill level. Whether you've never touched a basketball or if you're a college player try to perfect your skills. Our typical clients range from 6 years old & up

What if I'm not looking for a competetive experience?
No problem, we can just as easily train you with a more casual, recreation approach.

How far ahead do I need to book a session?
We pride ourselves on our flexibility, 24 hours notice is the minimum requirement.

Will I be the only one at my training session?
We never book more than 4 players simultaneously. Other players at your session will selected based on how close they are to your skill level and if they are in it for recreation or competition.

Is there a cancellation fee?
We ask that you let us know if you can't make it at least 24 hours in advance. With the purchase of 15 sessions we'll give your on cancellation for free, if you do not provide sufficient notice you will lose your session.

Clothing FAQs

What is the minimum order size?
We do not do orders of anything less than 12 articles of clothing.

Do you print on merchandise purchased elsewhere?
Unlike many of our competitors, we will print on clothing purchased elsewhere.

What's the ordering process?
We will provide you with a quote once you tell us what you want us to print on, how many you want, how many logos you want printed per article, how big, and how many colors.

How long is a quote good for?
We stand by our quotes for up to 6 weeks.

When do I make a deposit?
We do not begin the process until we receive a %50 no-refundable deposit.

How much will artwork cost?
Artwork starts as low as $30 and increases depending on complexity of the design.

Will you sponsor our team or event?
Xcite Athletics has sponsorships in our community and we're always looking for more.

Design FAQs

How much do your designers charge?
We charge $65 and hour and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

What if I'm not satisfied with the final design?
We want to gurantee your satisfaction, final revisions can be negotiated.

Do you require a deposit?
Once we sign an agreement we charge 50% up front and the rest is paid at the final transfer of designs.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, we will give you an estimated time to complete the project and stay within your budget.

What if the project exceeds my budget?
Complications do present themselves through the process, but we will keep you posted should any complications arise.

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