Xcite Graphics

What does your business need?

As Xcite Athletics grew and established it's brand it became apparent a full time graphics department was required. After creating its own in house requirements we are now in the position to assist your business in its growth potential with expertly designed business tools. If you are in the need for any logos, business cards, flyers, billboards, etc. please consider Xcite AthleticS graphics team to assist you. Contact our manager, Chris R who has years of experience in graphic work. We're here to help your businesses with all of its graphic needs.

our mission

Xcite Graphics is not just dedicated to helping your business succeed, but stand out form the rest.

Our knowledge of graphic & website design, social media and brand management can help your business reach it's desired consumers and maximize it's potential.


Our graphic design team charges $65 an hour for our services. We work effieciently, we listen to your needs and we utilize all of our creativity and ingenuity to make sure your expectations are met. The time to create designs varies depending on complexity and the content you provide us. Contact our design team to get a more accurate estimate. Check out our portfolio to see what we're capable of.


Preparing artwork for embroidery or screen printing.
Estimated time: 1/2 - 3 hours


Flyers, Handouts, Business Cards, Posters, or Billboards.
We do not print.
Estimated Time: 1-3 Hours

Photo Editing

We can edit your personal & family photos, from minor touch ups tomajor image composites.
Estimated time: less than an hour.

Logo Design

The planning for your companies logo, and overall image is not something you should leave to amateurs.
Estimated time: 1-3 hours.

Website Design

This depends heavily on how many pages will be needed and the functionality of your site.
Estimated time: 15 - 100+ hours based on complexity of site.