Mastering the fundamentals

3/02/14post by Frankie

You have to walk before you can run. Similarly you have to master the basics of the game before you can dominate on the court. At The Academy we will run you through drills to test your boundaries. Your jump shot and ball handling skills have to become muscle memory if you want to be a star athlete.
Our goal is to teach the players WHY they need the fundamentals.
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A Social Experience

24/01/14post by Frankie

A team is more than a collection of strangers who meet together twice a week. Successful teams are groups of friends who trust each other and have chemistry on the court. We want to make you part of a team that goes to events outside of training to have fun as a group.

Building Confidence

30/01/14post by Frankie

You should never doubt your athletic capabilities. We stress the mentality of an athlete and strive to change your thinking on the court to drastically improve your game. At the academy you will learn how to avoid losing focus and stay 'in the zone'.

Parents Need Training Too!

6/02/14post by Frankie

As parents of athletes, your responsibility doesn't end when you drop them off at practice. You should take an interest in what your kids are learning. Check out this article on the 16 rules every parent of an athlete should follow.
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Improve Right Now

21/01/14post by Chris

We're creating an environment where athletes develop consistency. This is a simple game about mastering the arc of a free throw. It will help you develop a sense for distance from the basket.
See if you can beat our high score of 186.24m!
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